Game takes a while to load... be patient and watch the map generate.

A game where you play an alien organism that tries to grow and consume a new world.

Made with Minimicro for the Mini Micro Game Jam.

Use mouse to click on buttons and place structures on your organism.
Use WASD or arrow keys to scroll the map.

Grow to a size of 1500 and place the spore launcher and conquer this new world.


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What an interesting game!  This is the most novel thing I've seen in quite a while.  It's definitely pushing performance limits — probably plays better on desktop, but even on web it's not too bad.  I might have liked to see a few more words in the instructions about what the red glowy areas on the map are, what determines how much energy a tentacle generates, which way the organism grows, etc.  But maybe discovering these things are part of the fun.

It took me a little over 25 minutes to launch my colony.  It felt like it went by much faster, which is a sign of a good game!  The graphics and sound are really well done too.  Thanks for participating in the jam, and for embracing the theme of "Growth" in such an interesting way!


Reminds me of creeper world! pretty cool! Music's gonna be stuck in my head lol. initial loading does take a while but once loaded it seems to be pretty smooth. does noticeably slow down by the end and gets a little hard placing things as the latency increases. but not unplayable at all.  beat it in 27 minutes.